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Terminals and Pipelines

Solutions for Tank Construction, Maintenance & Repair

If you operate a bulk liquid storage terminal, your tanks are your most valuable assets. Your customers depend on you for available, reliable and safe storage facilities for their products, from crude oil to refined products or olive oil to orange juice. No matter what products are stored in your terminal facility's tanks, you can depend on Fisher Tank Company to keep you in business.

Terminals require meticulous tank maintenance and expert service. Fisher keeps your storage tanks performing at their best with expert maintenance, repair and tank modification services per API 653. From minor repairs like tank bottom patch plates and nozzle additions to roof replacements and secondary bottoms with leak detection systems, our service and solutions protect your assets.

When it’s time to add tanks to your terminal facility, Fisher works with you from start to finish to develop engineering and construction solutions that increase your storage capacity and business potential while minimizing costs and disruption of your terminal operations.

Our terminal tank services include:
  • New tanks per API-650
  • Tank repairs and modifications per API-653
  • Ladders, platforms and stairways
  • Floating roof seal replacements
  • Internal and external steel floating roof installation and repair
  • Tank conversions
  • Bottom replacements
  • Tank shell repairs and replacement
  • Cone roof repair and replacement
  • Shell and roof nozzle additions and modifications
  • Foundations
  • Tank relocation
  • Tank painting/lining
  • Tank jacking and leveling
  • Secondary bottoms, HDPE liners and leak detection
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