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    Every tank we build is a custom project, designed and fabricated to perform a specific function. Our fabrication facilities, strategically located in Chester, PA and Leesville, SC, have a combined fabrication area of over 145,000 square feet. We have extensive capabilities and efficient, state-of-the-art equipment, including:

    • Plate rolls
    • Angle rolls
    • CNC plasma cutting tables
    • Gantry cutting system
    • Various overhead cranes
    • Automated welding equipment
    • Wheelabrator plate blasting equipment
    • Environmentally controlled paint booth

    Our fabrication shops provide in-house fabrication for our tank projects, including in-house plate blasting and priming as needed.          We also provide custom design and fabrication-only services for materials for export. 

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    In-House Fabrication Services

    Our shops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for custom fabrication. We can accommodate steel plate up to ten feet wide for custom cutting, beveling and rolling. Our services include custom fabrication of specialty items as well.

    Blasting & Shop Painting

    Our Leesville fabrication facility offers in-house blasting with our Wheelabrator blasting unit, and provides shop painting with our in-house environmentally controlled paint booth.

    Tank Fittings, Stairways, Platforms, etc.

    Our in-house Fittings Shops are equipped to provide custom designed and fabricated fittings for each tank. We are able to fabricate stairways, platforms, handrails, manways and other fittings to meet the specific requirements for your projects. Fittings can be painted in house or galvanized by our trusted providers.

    Fabrication Only

    We provide full-service tank design, custom fabrication and preparation for shipment via our customers' carriers to project sites all over the world. Tank components are carefully packed in containers and prepped for delivery to oversease sites, where the tanks will be erected by others.

    South America Tank Export
    UAE Tank Export

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