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Welded Steel Storage Tanks, Stacks & Silos

Today’s power generation projects require smart solutions for emissions control, liquid storage, fuel supply, wastewater treatment, coal ash pond management and plant construction. Fisher Tank Company has the experience, knowledge and qualifications necessary to work safely and effectively in the complex environments of power generation facilities.

Our professional field crews and our experience with diverse projects ensure that storage tanks for power plant facilities are constructed for years of safe, reliable service. Fisher Tank works with power companies, EPC firms, consulting engineers and technology providers to develop storage tank solutions for fossil fuel plant retrofit projects, clean coal projects, combined-cycle projects, natural gas-fired power plants, biomass fired plants, power plant wastewater treatment systems, ash pond remediation projects, and other power plant projects.

Tanks and vessels for the power industry include:

  • FGD chemicals/slurry tanks
  • Process water tanks and bridges
  • Wastewater treatment system tanks
  • Coal ash pond water treatment tanks
  • Coal, limestone & fly ash silos
  • Jet bubbler vessels
  • Absorber vessels
  • Ductwork & miscellaneous auxiliary tanks
  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tanks
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