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Fisher70th_FullColor - wLogo.pngField erected welded steel storage tanks are our business. We provide tank engineering and design, in-house fabrication, blasting, painting, on-site construction and maintenance for above ground tanks across the U.S. From power plants to bulk liquid storage terminals, from municipal water storage to Air Force fueling facilities and everything in between, we are tanks.

Many of our foremen, supervisors, crew members and managers have been with the company for 30 years or more. This collective knowledge means better design, more efficient production, improved quality, faster job completion, and lower costs for our customers.


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What our customers say...

Kiewit; EPC; Engineering; Power plant construction, "Our safety department did a complete audit on your operation.  These are unplanned audits that our safety group performs to help our subs with any issues or concerns they may have.  The audit went very well and the safety department had nothing but good things to say about your group.  They relayed their findings to our project management and they said it was one of the best operations they have seen on site.  As far as the JHA/JSA, it was by far the best they have seen.  Your group has gone above and beyond to identify diamond  category (the potential to seriously hurt or kill someone) items and they have been indicating those on their daily JHA/JSA’s.  We have also received multiple reports of how receptive your group is to feedback, and how great they are to work with.

 In our weekly schedule meeting, our project manager re-iterated how well our subs have been doing, and recognized your group by name as having an outstanding JHA/JSA.  He challenged the rest of the project to “catch up” to what we are doing as subs. 

 Just wanted to let you know what is going on here, and I have talked with Mike Welch about this as well.  Thanks for your group's attention to safety on this site, and for the outstanding work they have been doing."

- Blake Thackeray, Subcontract Engineer, Kiewit, Major power project in PA


CSX; rail terminal

 Fisher Tank has been CSX's primary tank contractor for over 15 years during which they have proven themselves to be an invaluable partner. The nature of their work necessitates an understanding of different CSX departments and developing a plan to accomplish the project wihtout disrupting operations.Their strenghts come from a commitment to safety, being cost conscious, and developing relationships with terminal personnel.

.– CSX Public Safety, Health & Environment, 2017 Safety Training and Technical Conference Program


Fisher Tank has been great to work with!  Very courteous and conscientious group willing to go the extra mile.  

- Mitch Hathaway, Corporate Project Engineer Manager, Smithfield 




condensate tank; stainless steel tank; protecting a tank from impact; seismic condidtions for tank; tank insulation; tank foundation; barrier around tank; hard condensate storage; wind loadFeatured Project

Project Type: Condensate Tank for Nucelar Power Plant

This single stainless steel storage tank packs a long list of specialized features designed to provide maximum safety at a nuclear power plant in a seismic zone. From the tank foundation designed to withstand seismic activity to the extreme wind load, this tank can take whatever Nature dishes out. The protective barrier around the tank is also a highly specialized fencing system designed to prevent impact to the storage tank. Read on for all the details! 

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