by Lori Riddle

This is a difficult time in our country. As we face uncertainty in many areas, we will all continue to rely on our country’s key industrial sectors, such as energy, critical manufacturing, petroleum, chemicals, food and agriculture, and water and waste water treatment. During this time, Fisher Tank Company remains open and operational, committed to safely supporting these critical operations and others as defined by the Department of Homeland Security

Our company motto is “Safety, Quality and Productivity, in that order.” The safety of our customers, our subcontractors, our employees and all of our families remains our top priority. We have implemented additional safety precautions at our job sites, in our shops, and in our offices, following the recommendations of the CDC. We are performing additional cleaning and disinfection at all our locations, and providing additional safety tools (sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, hand washing stations) at our locations and our job sites. We are also working within the social distancing guidelines as directed by the CDC. Employees who can work from home are doing so, and we are conducting meetings via teleconference and web conferences.

For some companies, the current climate may present opportunities to carry out maintenance, engage in project planning, and undertake other work that is easier to perform when there are fewer people at their sites. We are ready to provide support for such projects as needed. In addition, we are continuing to support new tank projects with tank design, project estimates, and mobilizing as needed for tank repairs, modifications, maintenance and for new projects.

We are prepared and well positioned to support the critical infrastructure operations that keep our country running as we all navigate the COVID 19 pandemic. We remain committed to safety as our number one priority in all circumstances. We are equipped to collaborate with our customers to develop specific project solutions as we all work to navigate the new normal.

Please call on us. We are grateful for the trust our customers place in us and we will continue to earn that trust.

Stay safe,

Fisher Tank Company

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