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Today on the Think Tank: Helpful tank project planning tools you can download and and use again and again. These planning worksheets will help you prepare for new tank construction and tank repair projects.

What We've Learned

Here at Fisher Tank Company, we have been working with field erected welded steel storage tanks for a while - 67 years, in fact. Every day we fabricate and construct new storage tanks, and we perform repairs, modifications and maintenance work on exisiting storage tanks. Tanks are our business, and we know that no matter what kind of tank project we're working on, information from our customers is key.

Here's a tank truth - whether you're planning a new tank or a tank repair project, the more info you can provide to your tank contractor, the better equipped that contractor will be to develop estimates and proposals that will help you solve your specific tank challenges.

Preparation = Custom-Fit Projects

When you need budgetary pricing and/or quotes from a tank contractor, you want those estimates and proposals to be as thorough and accurate as possible. After all, you are looking for a custom solution for your unique tank challenge. The key? Be prepared! Information gathering takes time, but getting all the details about your situation together before you contact a tank company will save you time and heartache in the future. An estimate that takes into account details about your facility, your site conditions, and the specifics of your tank will help ensure the success of your project. While there are a lot of standards in the storage tank industry, field erected welded steel tanks are not a one-size-fits-all proposition!

Where To Begin?

Start with these Tank Repair and New Tank Worksheets - downloadable resources that will help you gather all the info you need to help your tank contractor provide an estimate that reflects exactly what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Avoid surprises, pitfalls and delays by gathering all these important details on the front end. Happy planning!

Tank Repair Projects

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New Tank Projects

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For more useful downloads, visit our Resources page today!

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