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Jet fuel tanks, fueling tank, API 650 tank, airport tankToday on the Think Tank, we're talking about avove ground tank repair projects. Welded steel storage tanks are are the workhorses of industry in the U.S. and around the world. From power plants to data storage centers, fertilizer production facilites, food processing plants, municipal water storage, jet fueling facilities, and bulk liquid storage terminals, we depend on above ground storage tanks.

Welded steel tanks are a great investment - when properly maintained, they'll work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for decades. Take water storage tanks, for example - they're so reliable, there's a actually a Century Club that recognizes steel water tanks that have been in service for 100 years or more! Our post Steel Tanks in the Modern Era provides more information about the role of steel tanks industry today, and you can learn more about what they do in the Think Tank post Welded Steel Tanks Are Everywhere.

Inspections Are Key

tank inspection, tank repair, tank repairs, API 650 tanksGiven the proper design, the correct coatings system, and regular care, welded steel tanks are safe, reliable, and very cost effective. The key to keeping a storage tank in good working condition? Regular inspection, and, when needed, regular maintenance. Tank inspection schedules will vary, depending on the tank's design, purpose, and its environment. Regular inspections can reveal small issues that, left unchecked, could turn into major issues, like hidden corrosion under insulation (more on insulated tanks here). If you work with field erected tanks, you know that major issues can mean major problems, like shut downs, expensive repairs, damaged product, and loss of revenue.

So, whether you're in charge of a single municipal water storage tank or dozens of crude storage tanks, getting your tanks inpsected on a regular basis is a big deal. You're doing that, right? 

Your Tank Needs Work - Now What?

But what comes after the inspection? What do you do when you've had your tank(s) inspected, and your inspection indicates that your tank needs some work? How do you know what needs to be done right then, and what can wait? How do you anticipate the costs of the work that needs to be done? How do you prepare for the repair work?

How can you ensure an efficient, cost-effective, successful repair project? Be prepared! If you can supply your potential tank contractor(s) with the right information, you can be sure you'll get the best, most complete estimate for your project, so you can make the best decision possible for your tank(s) and your operations. And, when you do you select a contractor, you can be confident that your repair needs will be met with no surprises.

Tank Repair WorksheetLuck Favors The Prepared

So, how do you get prepared? It's all about gathering information, and getting it all together before you begin conversations with tank repair contractors. We've put together a resource that will guide you through that information gathering, step by step. Once you've worked through this worksheet, you'll know a lot about your tank, and you'll be able to work hand-in-hand with a tank repair expert to develop a repair plan that works for you, and gets you back in business asap.

Our tank repair worksheet is designed to help you be prepared for your next tank repair project. You may not be able to fill in in all the blanks, and you may not need to supply all the information the worksheet contains, but if you have most of this information on hand when you begin looking for a tank repair quote or estimate, you'll be well equipped to get the best estimate possible, and you'll be well on your way to a successful storage tank repair project.


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