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Welcome to the Think Tank. Today we're sharing some information about Water For People, a global organization working to find, fund and implement sustainable water solutions around the world. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) partners with Water for People, and Fisher Tank Company supports Water for People at AWWA-related tradeshows and conferences for municipal water professionals.

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Everyone Forever

"Water For People exists for one purpose, and it’s as simple as our name: we want all people to have safe, continuous water, and when they do, our job will be done. We want water for everyone, forever." (WFP)

Water for People focuses on practical, local, longterm water solutions that address not only drinking water, but also how access to water affects and improves people's lives. Access to water can mean life-changing improvement in many areas of the world. It's not just about having water to drink - it's also about sanitation, education, developing local economies, and keeping people healthy.

A Mission Of Leaders In The Water Industry

Water for People, AWWAYou might be surprised to learn how Water for People began - you may recognize some leaders in the world of engineering and construction:

"In the early 1980s, Ken Miller, with CH2M HILL and a former president of AWWA; Wayne Weiss, with Black & Veatch; and John B. Mannion, a former executive director of AWWA, shared the heartfelt vision of a world where all people have access to clean water, adequate sanitation, and basic health services. The three joined forces to create a path for Water For People’s establishment as an international nonprofit development organization in 1991, which grew to become a leader in social responsibility and innovation in the sector." (WFP)

Today, water for people is operating all over the world, and it is AWWA's designated charity. WFP is also endorsed by:

  • Water Environment Federation

  • Water Quality Association

  • National Association of Water Companies

  • National Association of Clean Water Agencies

  • Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

WFP Programs Around The World

Water For People currently works in nine countries around the world. Water for People works hard to develop relationships with local people to carry out its mission. In-country employees know the culture, language, and communities the organizations serves. According to WFP, "based on special grants and funding, we have worked in more than 40 other countries over the years but have found that a targeted approach is more effective and efficient." (WFP)

Water for People, AWWA

WFP is working in communities in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and India.

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Supporting Water For People Through AWWA

Fundraising committees support WFP through various efforts, including special events, walks, runs, and Water for People events at their conferences and technical meetings. "A Drop In The Bucket" silent auctions at conferences encourage attendees participation and provide exhibitors with opportunities to support Water for People. In 2013, the top ten fundraising committees raised over 676,000 for Water for People.

 AWWA, Water for People

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Learn More About Water For People

Check out the video below, visit Water for People online, and if you're in the water industry, look out for Water for People events in your area!

Look for Fisher Tank Company and the Water for People auction events at these AWWA Section conferences this Spring:

New Jersey AWWA

Pennsylvania AWW


Water for People, AWWA

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