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Tank inspection, Fisher Tank Company, Westway Philadelphia, Ivy Regular, professional tank inspections are absolutely vital to maintaining the safety and efficiency of storage tanks. In bulk liquid storage terminals, for example, the storage tanks are the major business asset. For terminal owners and operators, and their customers, keeping the tanks operating in tip-top shape is a must. When tank inspections reveal problems and the need for repairs or modifications, getting that work done quickly, cost effectively and safely becomes the top priority. Choosing the right tank contractor can go a long way toward mitigating the expense and disruption of tank repair work, and can help you get things back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How can a tank expert help you? Check out these five key areas of tank repair work where a great tank contractor can make a huge difference in the outcome of your project:

#1 Scope of Repair

Fisher Tank, tank repairs, API 653 repairsYour tank contractor can assist you in evaluating the scope of the repair work as defined in the inspection report along with your priorities for the repair project. Inspection reports often include required tank repairs or modifiations and recommended repairs or modifications.

Like a home inspection report in a real estate transaction, the tank inspection report may include work that must be done, and work that would be nice to do, but could certainly wait for another time. A home buyer would insist that a leaking shower be fixed prior to closing, but a squeaky floor joist might not be a priority.

A tank builder and repair expert can help you navigate your tank inspection report and sort through the must-handle issues, as well as advise on what can possibly wait. Similarly, the tank contractor can advise on what non-urgent repairs or modifications would be most economical to do when the more urgent work is done.

Evaluating the inspection report, along with your budget and other priorities, with your tank contractor can help to define precise the scope of repair. This will help the contractor develop a proposal that is specific to your tank and your needs, and will help you compare proposals for the work to be done.

#2 API Compliance

ComplianceA qualified tank contractor who is very well versed in API requirements can be an invaluable resource when it's time to perform tank repairs. Your contractor can assist in understanding and clarifying any API compliance issues that are revealed in the inspection report. Your tank contractor can also help develop a repair scope that meets all API 653 requirements, and assist you in making scope decisions that will affect future inspection requirements. For example, deciding to replace a tank bottom rather than making patch repairs may extend the length of time between required inspections.

Whatever tank repairs or modifications you're planning, failure to properly recognize, address and plan for API compliance is a recipe for disaster. Working with a tank repair contractor who invests in staying up-to-date on changing API requirements can go a long way towared ensuring your repair projects keep your tanks in compliance.

#3 Budget & Schedule

When it comes repair work of any kind, cost can be a huge factor in determing what gets done and when. If you're facing must-do repair work, having a trustworthy, accurate cost estimate is a necessity. An accurate estimation of the schedule is important, too. For example, if you need to have your A/C replaced at home, your need to know what it's going to cost, and when you can expect to be able to sleep in a cool house again.

Your tank repair contractor can help with preliminary pricing and schedule information for your tank repair project. As you work with the contractor to develop the scope of the repair, you are providing him/her with the details needed to provide you with the most accurate cost and timeline information possible. A contractor who is familiar with every aspect of tank repair work can ask the right questions and anticipate likely challenges, which will help you plan for the cost of the repairs and the impact the repair project will have on your operations.

#4 Readiness for Repair Work

Terminal tank with dikeNothing slows down a repair project like unanticipated problems with the site or other unexpected challenges. A tank repair contractor can visit your site to assess the site condition, or can review site plans, satellite images and photos, to get a clear understanding of your site, the tank's surroundings, and other valuable information. Working with an experienced tank repair contractor to gather and review site information can help ensure that everyone is truly ready when the project is set to start, and that costly "surprises" don't affect the project.

Challenges like standing water, tight spaces, and limited access for vehicles can seriously impact the contractor's work. Such challenges can be overcome, but the most effective way to do that is to address them ahead of time. An expert assessment of site conditions, accessibility, and other potential issues as related to repair work can impact the efficiency, the cost effectiveness, and the overall success of the project.

#5 A Plan Of Attack

Taking all of the above information into account, your tank contractor can develop a repair plan that fits your needs. A true tank repair expert will know the questions to ask, and the pitfalls to avoid, and may be able to suggest alternatives to improve cost, schedule, or both. Your role in the partnership is to provide as much detail and insight as possible, so that the contractor can in turn provide a proposal that addresses your needs as completely as possible. A solid, well developed plan of attack is the key to a smooth, efficient and safe repair project.

If the scope of the repair, the applicable API requirements, the budget and schedule and the specifics of the project site can all be addressed before you get an estimate, you can be confident you're getting a proposal that really meets your needs. With the help of an expert contractor, you can more effectively prepare for tank repair work, and go into a repair project knowing what to expect.


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