Above Ground Welded Steel Tanks

No one is better equipped to solve your tank challenges than Fisher Tank Company. We are a full-service welded steel tank contractor with unmatched expertise working in a wide range of industries. We provide tank engineering and design, in-house fabrication, blasting, painting, on-site construction and maintenance for field erected welded steel above ground storage tanks.

Many of our foremen, supervisors, crew members and managers have been with the company for 30 years or more. This collective knowledge means better design, more efficient production, improved quality, faster job completion, and lower costs for our customers.

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What our customers say...

Superior Plus Energy Services"I just wanted to say thanks for removing our tank bottom floor out of Tank #114. The crew you sent under the direction of Doug Hill did an excellent job. I have never seen something like this done before. I did learn a few things from Doug, he certainly has a lot of knowledge.

The guys are hard workers and I have no complaints at all. They started every day early and worked even past my scheduled hours. I would check on them often to see how the progress was going and I always noticed they were being safe. Hardhats and safety glasses were on at all times and oh yes…definitely the ear-plugs. Also the area they were in was picked up and organized. I couldn’t have asked for more.

If we have the chance to have Fisher Tank do work at our facility again, I would recommend that Doug and his crew be sent. They were a great bunch of guys."

Jeffrey Hubalek, Marcy Terminal Operator, Superior Plus Energy Services

Energy services inc, EPC, power plant construction"Thank you for having Doug Hill and his Crew build our DI Tank. It has been a great pleasure working with all of these guys! They are some of the hardest working men that I have worked with in a very long time. You folks at Fisher can and should be very proud to have ALL of these men…They have gone the Extra mile here at Perryman 6 with SAFETY and [they were] STILL able to meet our schedule. Doug and his [crew] showed that you can work safely and still complete your work on time.Thanks for all the hard work."

-Wilbur Hutchins, Site Manager, Energy Services, Inc./Perryman Generation Station.






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Project Type: Storage Tanks for Power Generation

When you think of a power generating station, you probably picture really tall stacks, or chimneys, and lots of structural steel. But do you think of storage tanks? Power generation facilities require a lot of storage - for raw water, demineralized water, fuel oil, and other products, as well as forwaste water treatment systems. Fisher recently built two tanks for Exelon's Perryman Generating Station in Maryland.

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