Repairs & Modifications

Tank repairs modifications

Fisher Tank’s vast experience and knowledge of tank materials, construction and  performance enables us to provide skilled repair, modification and maintenance services that help you keep your tanks in top condition, with minimal disruption to your business.

All work is performed in accordance with API-653 and ASME standards under the supervision of experienced foremen.


Common repair projects include:

  • Shell patches or replacements
  • Bottom replacements
  • Roof plate repair and replacement
  • Pit welding of corroded areas
  • Floating roof seal replacements

We also have an engineering team ready to provide engineering services should your repair or modification require it. Fully equipped fabricating facilities and extensive inventories of steel plate, pipe and assorted fittings allow us to respond quickly and cost effectively to any repair and modification project.


Changes in a tank’s use, new environmental requirements, the need to increase capacity and technological innovations are a few of the developments that can trigger tank modification. We regularly undertake these and other types of modifications:

  • Increasing tank capacity
  • Installation of new floating roofs in existing tanks
  • Installation of double bottoms
  • Leak detection and secondary containment
  • Adding nozzles or other fittings

We also offer flexible maintenance plans tailored to specific needs.