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Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Next Tank Project

Above ground storage tank new project planning worksheet


Your answers could save time and money!

You know you need a new tank…but have you thought about seismic conditions? Distance to power sources? The elevation of any appurtenances? These and dozens of other factors need to be considered in order for you to get the most accurate estimates of both time and money.

Our free New Project Planning Worksheet is a practical first step in any new tank project, and one that will help you and your contractor work together efficiently. The worksheet allows you to articulate your project in terms of:

  • Project specifics, including details about materials, dimensions and spill height
  • Site conditions, including its accessibility and available working space
  • Safety requirements, many of which are mandated by the owner, site, EPC and/or GC
  • Contract language that outlines terms and conditions
  • Schedule information, like site availability and the date you need your tank in service

Prepare yourself for discussions with your tank contractor by downloading this valuable resource!

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