Oil & Gas

petroleum refining pipeline

Fisher has served the oil & gas industry for decades, with our own operations just miles from the major refineries in the Philadelphia area.

We’ve played a significant role in building new tanks in accordance with API-650, working with facility owners and major engineering/construction firms to support expansion projects that meet strict environmental regulations and site challenges.

When pipeline tanks, refinery tanks or other oil & gas industy tanks need repairs and maintenance, experience and know-how are key. We’ve facilitated repairs, maintenance and modifications of  existing tanks at all the major refineries on the East Coast, in accordance with API 653 standards and adhering to some of the most stringent safety and quality requirements of any industry.


  • Cone roof
  • Knuckle umbrella
  • Dome roof
  • Open top
  • Internal floating roof
  • Double wall
  • Sloped/shovel bottom
  • External floating roof


  • API650
  • API620
  • NFPA
  • API653