fueling storage tanks

Airports & Military Fueling Facilities

Fisher builds field erected welded steel tanks specifically designed to store Jet-A fuel for airports and military fueling facilities, including foundations and specialized coatings systems.

These structures are designed specifically for jet fuel, with epoxy-lined tanks and accessibility for inspection, testing and repair. Special precautions are taken to ensure fuel efficacy and safety. Jet fuel tanks are designed with: 

  • Access manways

  • Positive and manual or electric sumps with a manual drain valves

  • Venting and overfill protection as well as alarms

  • Standard identification signs on tanks and piping 

Fisher fabricates and installs mixer/agitator platforms and bridges to support auxiliary equipment, as well as fittings, manways, and other appurtenances needed to accommodate the facility’s unique configuration and fueling system. 

Tanks built at Air Force Fueling Facilities and International Airports: 

MCCRT – Multi Column Cone Roof Tank

SCCRT – Single Column Cone Roof Tank

CRT – Cone Roof Tank