Fire Protection

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Hundreds of general contractors, sprinkler contractors and end-users rely on Fisher Tank for expert design, fabrication and erection of fire water storage tanks. They rely, too, on our commitment to project timetables to avoid costly delays and ensure occupancy, startup and availability of emergency water supplies.

Fire service water tanks can be insulated to provide year round fire protection in even the coldest climates. Service water tanks can be designed to meet specific site requirements including tank height or footprint limitations. A fire water storage tank can be a terrific brand ambassador with a custom coatings system that includes a company logo or other important message.

Fisher Tank’s plants in Leesville, SC, and Chester, PA, are fully equipped with design and fabricating capabilities, plus large inventories of steel plate and accessories. We also maintain an extensive library of pre-approved shop drawings for standard size firewater tanks.

Fire protection tanks are custom designed to meet volume requirements, site conditions, and aesthetic needs.

All Fisher pump suction tanks meet or exceed the standards and specifications of:

*To qualify for the FM mark of excellence our facilities and job sites are randomly audited by FM inspectors.