We love it when interested folks contact us via our website to ask questions, request quotes and tell us about their tank projects. We've learned that there are tank projects going on all over the world, requiring everything from small, 600 gallon tanks to enormous 20 million gallon tanks (and...

    Today on the Think Tank we're talking about heavy construction equipment, As tank builders, we employ our fair share of this type of equipment, and it's certainly part of most jobsites where we work. 

    When we talk about storage tank safety, we always talk about tank inspection. The recent chemical spill in West Virginia turned a great deal of attention toward current tank inspection standards, and prompted new discussions about tank owners' responsibiities in terms of tank inspection and...

    Today on the Think Tank, we're taking a moment to talk about Memorial Day and what it really means. Hint: it's not just a 3-day weekend.

    "If you leave your job at Fisher Tank Company at the end of the day and you don’t feel like you’ve made a difference, you’re doing something wrong." - Paul Windham

    When I was a kid, my mom always said the same thing whenever anyone in the family left the house or got dropped off somewhere. Mom said: "Be safe."

    This week we welcome Edward Salazar, of JED Alliance Group, to the Think Tank. As we continue our focus on construction safety in the field erected tank business and other areas of the construction industry, Edward shares some key insights based on his experience with heavy equipment.

    This week we welcome Alicia Lawrence to the Think Tank. Alicia is a content specialist for Viewpoint (formerly Maxwell Systems). She enjoys helping readers and customers increase efficiency and safety in construction.

    Fire safety is paramount on all job sites. For us, working conditions in and around field erected tanks often include many fire hazards, including welding machines, electrical wires, chemicals, and even extreme heat. Our jobsites are varied, from power plants and chemical processing plants to...

    Welcome back to the Think Tank! Today we're talking about field erected tanks and the roles they play in industry and our national economy. This article first appeared as a guest post on Castagra's blog.

    What do field erected welded steel tanks DO?

    Field erected welded steel tanks are...