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Storage tank projects: plan, excecute, and look like a Superhero!
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191-1915250_thumb-wing-vertebrate-superman-terbang-vektor-pngRepairing or replacing a field erected welded steel tank is a little more complex than calling a local handyman or ordering a new tank online. It can be a complicated process, and it usually requires some tricky coordination of equipment, facilities and personnel. If you're handling a storage tank project, you're concerned about the results (will the tank perform as needed?), schedule, cost, and the overall impact the project is going to have on your facility or operations. Whether you need to build a new tank or repair, upgrade or modify an existing tank, you want to be sure the estimates you get from tank contractors represent the work you need done. Apples-to-apples comparisons will help you choose the best tank builder for your above ground storage tank project.

All these details might feel a little like juggling cats - but never fear! Our project planning worksheets can help you gather all the information you need to plan and excecute your tank repair or new tank construction project with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption, In short, doing a little work ahead of time can make you a Storage Tank Superhero!

Tank Repair Projects

If your welded steel tank looks like this, it's time to think about some welded steel tank TLC. 

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Whether your tank needs a bottom replacement, a tank roof repair, shell repairs, new nozzles or any other work, our tank repair project planning worksheet will help you gather all the information you'll need to get the most accurate estimate from tank contractors, 

Free tank repair worksheet

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New Tank Construction

Are you facing empty tank foundations or a greenfield site? Or considering adding capacity?

tank foundations, terminal tank, bulk liquid storage tank, API 650, new tank, exisitng foundation, terminal expansion

A new tank project involves many moving parts and the work you do on the front end can directly impact the final result. Getting estimates for tank engineering, tank fabrication and tank construction is a huge part of the process. But how can you ensure that the proposal tank Contractor A sent you includes everything you need? What if Tank Contractor B's proposal is different? How can know you're getting what you need in each proposal? Develop a thorough Scope of Work. How? Follow our new tank project planning guide and start filling in those blanks. Before you know it. you'll be on your way to accurate estimates, excellent execution, and Tank Superhero status.

Free project planning worksheet

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If you can do a little work on the front end, you can make a huge difference in the success of your welded steel storage tank project. Check out our project planning resources, and get started. You'll be a Storage Tank Superhero in no time!

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