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Today on the Think Tank - a round up of our recent posts, in one handy location. Tips and info for anyone working with or around above ground storage tanks - from sustainable coatings to storage tank safety to a peek at steel plate fabrication and blasting in our SC shop. Enjoy, tank fans! Check in with us at for more blog posts and great tank resources.


Above ground fuel tanks, sustainable coating, green coatingnsSustainable Coating Options for Storage Tanks

Sustainability is a big deal. Choosing a green coatings system can contribute to the sustainability of your overall project. In this post from the veggie coatings experts at Castagra, learn more about green coatings options for your next storage tank construction or tank painting project.



stop handDon't Touch That Storage Tank!

What was in that storage tank? Don't even think about starting a tank repair project or even getting inside a tank, until you've answered a few key questions about it. A little investigative work on the front end ensures your safety when it comes to working on/in a field erected tank.




summer sunTank Construction's Stealthy Threat 

Working in summer's heat and humidity brings a special set of dangers to any construction project. Perform that work inside a steel tank and you've got another level of danger. Get some key facts and to-dos for protecting yourself and your team while working in hot termperatures. 




Steel_Plate_Fabrication_BlastingYou're Fabricating Steel Tanks Where?

It may surprise you what we're doing down in Leesville, South Carolina! Get a look at our state of the art fab facility and offices in SC, where we are designing and custom fabricating field erected welded steel tanks for applications all over the U.S. 




Enjoy today's round up! For more Think Tank posts and information about field erected welded steel storage tanks, visit us today!


What you need to know before a tank repair


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