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Today on the Think Tank - a round up of our recent posts, in one handy location. For tips on storage tank repair projects, tank safety, and more, check out the posts you may have missed.


tank repair, tank maintenance, firewater tank, service water tankHow To Get The Best Tank Repair Estimate

Whether you're facing a leaking storage tank or annual maintenance projects, tank repair work is a big deal. With good planning and expert execution, repairing and maintaining field erected tanks can go smoothly, with minimal downtime and disruption.


2 Key Tools For Storage

DSC_8792-1Tank Project Success

What if you've got a NEW tank project in the works? Planning and preparation can make all the difference for new storage tank projects. From planning the new tank's footprint to assessing the availabilty of electricity, doing your homework helps you ensure that you and your tank builder are on the same page and ready to execute a successful storage tank construction project.


Fall protection, ladder safety, tank constructionCaptured - Safety Moments On A Tank Construction Job

In the storage tank industry, "safety" is the word of the day, every single day. Everyone working on a tank construction project can be in dangerous situations as the tank foundation is poured, the tank bottom is installed, and the shell rings go up. Fall protection is a huge part of tank building safety - take a look at a few safety moments captured on our jobsites during the 2015 OSHA Safety Stand-Down. 





OSHA's Top Ten Apply To Tank Construction - Do They Apply To You?

Every year OSHA compiles a top-ten list of safety violations that contribute to injuries and fatalities in the U.S. The 2014 list offers insight into where dangers typically occur, and it reminds us that accidents are PREVENTABLE. Do the top ten apply to your work?


Enjoy today's round up! For more Think Tank posts and information about field erected welded steel storage tanks, visit us today!

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