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Here's an early Christmas gift from the Think Tank - we've collected five articles with valuable info for anyone working with or around above ground storage tanks. Here's a quick look at important news and key winter safety issues for the tank world:

OSHA's New Reporting Requirements

OSHA has implemented some new reporting requirements and they go into effect January 1. 2015. The new rules change how and when incidents must be reported, and they include different options for submitting incident information to OSHA. Read more about the new reporting requirements from OHSA here.


Work Safely in the Cold


If you want to maintain peak productivity and protect the bottom line through the winter, it's important to focus attention on cold weather safety. Working in cold conditions requires as much vigilance as working in hot weather - we're just watching for different things and taking different safety precautions. Click here for a quick round up of key safety measures that can keep you working safely & productively all winter long.

More cold weather safety tips here and here.

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New AST Regulations - Starting In WV

When MCHM was spilled from an above ground storage tank into West Virginia's Elk River in January, 2014, storage tanks became a hot topic. While field erected welded steel tanks remain an incredibly safe and reliable resource for liquid storage, the West Virginia incident prompted serious discussion about tank inspection and maintenance. New legislation passed in West Virginia after the spill will help ensure that the state's tanks stay safe. Read more about West Virginia's new regulations here.

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New Standards & Requirements From API



The American Petroleum Institute constantly evaluates and updates the standards governing the construction and maintenance of storage tanks. For the above ground storage tank industry, from tank fabricators and constructors to tank owners and operators, it's vital to stay informed about API standards and requirements. For an overview of what's new from API, click here.

Cranes In The Winter - Working Safely

If you work around field erected tanks, you also work around cranes. From tank construction to tank repair and maintenance, cranes are used for the heavy lifting and for accessing tough-to-reach spots. In the winter, cold conditions can create create some special concerns for crane operations. Keep your crane(s) working well in the cold, and keep your crew safe this winter - check out Winter Crane Safety here.


Happy Holidays!


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