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storage tank construction, tanks for power, power plant tanks, demin tank, fuel oil tank, tank builder, wastewater tank power, tank erection, welded steel tankIf you're considering a storage tank project, today's Think Tank is for you! We're reposting 5 of our most popular articles about new tank projects, covering everything from selecting the material for your tank to making decisions about subcontracts. Our 69 years in the tank building industry has taught us few things, and we know that being prepared is the key to a successful project. From a single potable water storage tank to multi-tank airport fuel farm, getting a welded steel tank project off the ground is a big job. We hope these tips & tools will help you!



AST, storage tank, ground tank, welded steel, steel tank, water tank, tank, tank value, concrete tank, bolted tankIs a welded steel tank a good option for your project?

Welded steel tanks offer some advantages over other types of storage tanks, such as bolted tanks or concrete tanks, however, every project has its own specific needs. Check out Top 5 Advantages of Welded Steel Tanks and our AST Comparison Guide to learn more about storage tank options and the potential value a welded steel storage tank might bring to your project. 


The good, the bad and the ugly - how to choose a tank contractor

A storage tank project is a major investment and can feel overwhelming when you're in the planning stages - especially if you're not actually a tank expert. You need a partner who can support your project from concept to construction, and who has the know-how to get the job done. This post offers some insight into how to choose a tank contractor who'll add value to your project: Choosing A Storage Tank Contractor - 5 Tips To Consider.


tank fabrication, wheelabrator, blasting, steel plate, tank construction, steel tank, fisher tank, plate rolling, plate cuttingWe only build tanks with welded steel - why?

We believe welded steel is the BEST choice for field erected storage tank - for potable water, for water treatment, for oil, fuel and other essential liquid resources. We've been working with tanks for decades, and welded steel remains our choice for economical, reliable and safe storage. Read Why We Put All Our Eggs In One Welded Steel Basket to learn why.


tank construction, new tank, API 650, welded steel tank, demin tank, water tank, fuel tank, tank farm, storage tank, how to build a tank, how much space does a tank need, Failing to plan is planning to fail - how to get your storage tank project right the first time

A storage tank project has little room for errors - and no room for do-overs. Choosing the right tank builder can be a tremendous boost to your project's success, but there's a lot you and your project team can do as well. Read Getting It Right The First Time - Storage Tank Projects to learn how front-end planning in four major areas of tank projects can save you time, money and stress. Check out our handy Tank Volume Calculator too!


It takes a team - tips for subcontracts that don't bring you down

Major projects, including field erected tank projects, just don't get done without the coordinated efforts of skilled subcontractors. But all those contracts and additional bodies on the jobsite have the potential to be sumbling blocks. Check out 5 Tips For Successful Subcontracts for some how-to info on making your subcontracts successful.


We hope you'll check out these articles and all the handy tools on our Resources page, and contact us anytime you need some storage tank know how!

What you need to know before a tank repair


Storage Tank Construction tank estimate

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