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Today we're featuring some water storage tank projects with special paint jobs. In most parts of the country, water storage tanks are part of the landscape, often they're pretty plain - white, gray, pale blue - colors that don't draw much attention to the structure. But in some areas, there are water tanks that just can't be missed!

Storage tanks can make a statement, like the giant peach in Gaffney, SC, or they can offer an enormous, you-can't-miss-it message to the community and anyone passing by - for miles around. Sometimes they're designed and painted to blend into their surroundings (hard to imagine that several thousand pounds of steel can "blend," but with options for exterior coatings, alternatives for tank roof designs, and nearly unlimited options for custom murals, it's possible). With exterior paint colors and specially designed murals, a huge water storage tank can effectively mimic its natural surroundings and fade in to the background. Water tanks can also functions as giant, permanent billboards that can rise above the tree level and be seen for miles. Across the country, communities and institutions use water tanks as perfect canvases for larger-than-life logos and messaging.

Here are a few of our favorite storage tanks from around country that stand out for their tank design, their exterior coatings, or their messaging:

Gaffney, SC, Peachoid

Water storage tank, ellipsoidal water tank, tank coatings

The "Peachoid" in Gaffney, SC, built in 1981 by Chicago Bridge & Iron, is a great example of a water tank that embodies a community's brand. This welded steel tank has an amazing paint job that turns a functional part of the community's infrastructure into a giant ad for Gaffney. In this area, peaches are a key part of the local economy. What better way to salute the peach?


 University of Connecticut Water Tower, Storrs, CT

standpipe, water storage, welded steel tank, municipal water, potable water, welded steel, AWWA D-100, tank coatings

Built in 2010 by Fisher Tank Company, this beautiful 45' x 83'5" standpipe replaced two smaller aging water tanks on UConn's Storrs, CT, campus. The new tank serves a beacon to the whole campus, proudly displaying the UConn logo for all to see. For more on this tanks Knuckle Umbrella Roof design, check out our KUR Tip Sheet.

Plant City's Giant Strawberry, Plant City, FL

water storage tank, eliipsoidal tank, tank coatings

Another water tower that looks like fruit! The Plant City Stawberry Water Tower has been standing guard over Florida's top strawberry town for decades. A recent rehab project gave the tank a shiny new paint job but didn't change the iconic landmark's look.


Water Tank & Observation Tower, Pearl Harbor, HI

water tower, water tank, elevated water tank, tank coatings, tank rehab

This eye catching water tower was built in 1925 to supply water for the naval base and provide an observation tower for naval traffic in the waterways of Pearl Harbor. Some 70 years later, the tank and observation tower underwent a major rehab and were restored to the original orange & white color scheme. 


Lake MetroParks "Harvestore Silo" Standpipe, Kirtland, OH

standpipe, water storage tank, ground tank, tank coatings, welded steel, AWWA D-100

Is this a classic Harvestore grain silo? Nope, it's a welded steel standpipe, holding 700,000 gallons of water for Lake Metropark's Farmpark in Kirtland, OH. Disguised as a grain silo, the AWWA D-100 tank fits right into the working farm's pastoral setting!


Candy Striped Water Tank, Sylacauga, AL

standpipe, water tank, ground tank, Fisher Tank, municipal water, tank coatings, welded steel, AWWA D-100

Built by Fisher Tank Company, this Knuckle Umbrella Roof tank is an enormous 76'9" in diameter by 87'9" tall. Rather than trying to hide this water storage behemoth, the City of Sylacauga Utilities Board elected to make it a gloriously noticeable landmark. Here at Fisher Tank Company, this remains one of our favorite municipal water storage tank projects. We refer to it as the "Candy Striped Tank."


Woodland Water Tanks, Oak Harbor, WA

ground storage tank, water tank, municipal water, tank coatings, welded steel, AWWA D-100

Oak Harbor, WA. This ground storage tank is one of three water storage tanks in the same area, all serving the local water system. It was important to the community that the tanks compliment the natural surroundings, rather than stand out as garish, incongruous structures, A design was developed, and when the tanks received their final exterior coatings, they were decorated with beautiful murals that mimic the surrounding Washington Sate woodlands. 


Giant Beach Billboard, Orange Beach, AL

welded steel, AWWA D-100, water storage, standpipe, ground tank. tank coatings, municipal water

Welcome to Orange Beach, AL! This Alabama Gulf Coast community thrives on tourism, and welcomes beach goers from all over the world. Tourists and residents alike need water, and this 6,000,000 gallon standpipe is a key part of the community's water system. The beautiful blues of the exterior coatings are reminiscent of the nearby waters of the Gulf, and the playful Orange Beach logo serves as great branding for this beach destination!


Welcome to Yucaipa Water Tank, Yucaipa Valley, CA

welded steel, AWWA D-100, water storage, water tank, ground tank, reservoir, AWWA D-100, welded steel, tank coatings

Welcome to Yucaipa Valley, CA, where this 1,500,000 million gallon ground storage tank sits right in the middle of town. The town embraced the opportunity to remind residents and visitors alike of the natural beauty around Yucaipa by making the tank an enormous canvas. The mural covers the entire tank, and was designed to showcase some of the area's natural resources and to eventually blend in with the trees that have been planted around the tank. This tank was a 2002 STI/SPFA Product of the Year award winner 


Aviation Water Storage Tank, Biloxi, AL

standpipe, water tank, water storage, tank coatings, AWWA D-100, welded steel

Visitors to Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport can't miss the message on this aviation-themed standpipe! A fully functional, vital resource for the airport, this 32' by 87' welded steel tank is a great landmark. Custom design, custom fabrication, expert tank construction and an awesome paint job make this water tank a real standout! This tank was a 2008 STI/SPFA Steel Product of the Year award winner

We hope you enjoyed this look at a few of our favorite water storage tanks. For more info about field erected welded steel water tanks, visit us today!

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