by Lori Riddle

Steel tank Fisher 1950sFisher Tank Company has been working with welded steel storage tanks for a long time. We got started in 1948 as a storage tank repair company, primarily for the refineries in the Northeast. Our capabilities soon expanded, and Fisher Tank became well known for tank repair services as well as construction for field erected  tanks. Since our early days, we've added tremendous technical capabilities, and we've grown the company with exceptional people and an ever-present dedication to safety, quality & productivity. Here are some facts about Fisher that might surprise you!

  1. Fisher Tank is still in Chester, PA, where we operate a fabrication shop and our corporate headquarters.

  2. Fisher Tank Company is an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) corporation.

  3. Fisher has a sales and engineering office in Cropwell, AL (just East of Birmingham)

  4. Fisher Tank’s campus in Leesville, SC, includes an 85,000 sf shop with a Wheelabrator blasting unit, an environmentally controlled paint booth, and extensive steel plate cutting, beveling and rolling equipment.

  5. Fisher goes way beyond the East coast - we recently completed at 30,000 ton ammonia storage tank in Beulah, North Dakota.

  6. Fisher’s current management team has a combined total of 156 years of experience with the company.

  7. Fisher Tank has built vacuum chambers for the aerospace industry.

  8. Fisher Tank Company leads our industry in safety performance; in 2012, we had zero OSHA recordable incidents.

  9. Fisher Tank Company owns a fleet of construction equipment and vehicles, including 250 tons of crane capacity, and several field construction support units.

  10. Fisher provides field erected welded steel storage tanks for almost every major industry in the US - energy, transportation, food/beverage, chemicals, water/wastewater and more.

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