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Today we're sharing a Friday treat - a gallery of welded steel tanks and other storage tanks from around the world with creative, educational, inspiring and possibly strange paint jobs. Enjoy!


Bejiing statue tank painting

 Statues of workers appearing to paint the sky blue
decorate storage tanks at a clean-energy heating plant in Beijing.


Racoon propane tank

Specialty paint job by Interior Installations on a propane tank - this one's not a field erected welded steel tank, but who could resist these guys?


Field erected welded steel gas tanks

Several not-so-serious gas tanks in Japan as captured by


 Water reservoir South Ogden

This water tank, one of two in South Ogden, UT, really makes a splash!


Water storage tank Netherlands

This "cracked & dripping" water storge tank in Oostburg, the Netherlands was built in the 1950s. In the 1990s, local artist Johnny Bereens gave it a facelift that is funny to some and a little alarming to others!  

 Water Storage Standpipe Tnemec

This standpipe for potable water storage near Auburn, WA, represents the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe's centuries-old tradtion of fishing area lakes and rivers for salmon.


130419 Terminals NZ new fuel tank 1316 001

Terminal New Zealand’s Mount Maunganui storage tank holds enough fuel to power
the average car for 7400 years. It sports an energy-themed mural, making it stand out among all the plain white teminal tanks around it.

Terminal Storage tank Vopak Houston

This chemical storage tank at a terminal in Houston depicts moments from the Battle of San Jacinto. Native Sons Productions, led by project artist Gary Foreman, used live actors who were costumed, positioned in a scene outdoors, directed, and photographed. The image was then electronically altered to give it a painting-like coloration and drama, then printed on plastic sheets that are then adhered to the tank, forming an image that is nearly 100 feet wide.
As many as 25 murals are planned - we'll have to check back on this project!  


Philadelphia AWWA D-100 water storage tank

This dramatic mural on a water storage tank depicts the city of Philadelphia in all its glory!


Custom painting on water reservoirs

These multimillion gallon water towers in Placerville, CA, were painted by Hennig Tank Art, and were carefully designed to imitate the natural surroundings. These reservoirs prove that it really IS possible for giant water storage tanks to be pretty!


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