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PowerGen International Las Vegas, December 8-10

PowerGen conference for power generation industry, EPC firms, procurement professionals


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Storage Tank Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Tool: STI/SPFA TCO Tool 

Steel Facts For Lifetime Value from STI/SPFA (PDF)

Steel Facts No. 5 - Sustainable Steel (PDF)


API Publications Store

A great resource for tank information. Download API 650 Tank Data Sheets for planning tank projects and for keeping track of all the details about existing tanks. This information is a huge asset when you need storage tank repairs, or when you're seeking estimates for new tank construction.

API Publications Store


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ConstructSecure, contractor qualification


ContractorScore, contractor qualification


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OSHA SHARP certification; safety


Browz, contractor qualification

Steel Tank Institute  
 FM Global  
 NCCCO, crane safety, contractor qualification  
 National Rural Water Association  
 American Water Works Association